What was I thinking?!

I got back to my hotel room at around 2 am from the first round of cocktail parties to kick-off the Blogalicious Conference - 1st blogging conference for Women of Color and I’m TIRED. Tired but still feeling fabulous. How can I not feel fabulous when I’m surrounded with all this exhilarating group of ladies?!

A few months back when I was asked to join and speak in this Blogalicious Conference, I was very excited BUT at the same time, I’m not too keen with the actual word “blogalicious”. I felt that the word itself takes away the professional career I've built in blogging. It bothered me so much that I actually almost turned down what I am calling now a pretty fabulous event.

If you google “Asian” or “Filipina” you will find that the first pull are most probably of sexual nature (or on mail order brides). So you can imagine that using the word “blogalicious” in my blog may make it even more attractive to those who are looking for just that. So yeah, I had a rough time with the word.

The date got closer and I knew I had to decide if I wanted to go. Hotel and airfare rates are going up, and sponsors are tapping on someone else’s shoulder if I don’t grab what I can. One day a girlfriend of mine who happens to be Asian-American herself said, “Why didn’t you want to go again? About the word “Blogalicious”? GET OVER IT already!” And so I did.

Now I’m livin’ it up here in the beautiful W in Atlanta, and I cannot believe that I almost passed up this opportunity. I’m not sure if I’m completely sold with the word yet, but with all these powerful Social Media women around me including the 3 mama lawyers (founders of Blogalicious), I am actually ok with it. I'm hanging out with my favorite blogger Carol - NYCityMama.com and I even got to rub elbows with a Hollywood celebrity Kim Coles at the Clever Girls Collective partay! AGAIN - I can’t believe I almost passed this up! What was I thinking?!

More on blogalicious soon. Oooh, and go check out SunkissedMommy.com site. This social networking site is built for Mommies just like me :-)


DuongSheahan said…
Oh that's funny and that's what I was thinking too. The name didn't really make me want to attend...but having read your blog and trust you...it sounds like an awesome event w/awesome women. So happy you are having a fab time! Now how do I get there for the rest of the weekend? LOL
LaShaunda said…
Sometimes you just have to get passed the name.

Glad you went, so we can live through you. :)

The agenda sounded like it was going to be a blast.

Keep us posted.
I agree with everyone. I initially didn't take the name Blogalicious seriously. I thought it was a little silly and actually a bit pricey. But then the online buzz kept building for it. Several friends kept emailing me links to it. So I decided to invest in it. Best investment this year.

After attending, I think the name is appropos. There's a feminine edge to it a bit. I was impressed with how everyone easily shared information. There were no airs either.

Good time all around and look forward to next year and the different blogger takes on this weekend's events.
MJ Tam said…
Duong - I wish you were here to join me! Next year in MIAMI!!! And you have to come.

LaShaunda - You're right! Thank you. Keep checking back, I'm doing more Blogalicious posts

R'Jae - TY! I'm glad I was not the only one thinking so. But boy, did they proved us wrong. Blogalicous was way beyond my expectations and I AM SO HAPPY!!!
Glad to hear you had a great time. It's always good to consider the legacy we've built before jumping into things. That's the trait of a leader.