Fabulicious in Blogalicious

I hate myself for running a little late to the Blogalicious brunch this morning. Just a little late. 20 minutes to be exact, but it was long enough to miss the first few minutes that Denene Millner graced everyone with her classy self.

According to Harper Collins site:
“Denene Millner is a columnist for Parenting magazine. She has worked as a senior editor at Honey and as an entertainment and political journalist for the New York Daily News. She is also the author of The Sistahs' Rules and co-author of several books, including the novel A Love Story (with her husband, Nick Chiles), and The Angry Black Woman's Guide to Life, a humor book. Millner lives in Atlanta with her husband and their two daughters.”

But besides her glowing resume of fabulicious-ness, she had me (and everyone in the room) in tears over her beautiful and profound reflection on her Mother . Denene said "I need her". Those words made me want to run and round up my kids around my own mom who has not been in the best of health lately. And when I get back home to Chicago, I am going to do just that.

There is much more to say about Blogalicious, but I will save that for tomorrow. For now, Fabulicious Denene - Thank you for the inspiration!

Oh, and check out Priscilla Renea. She performed for us this morning following Denene. This girl can sing and you can bet I will be buying her CD!



Thank you SO much for this beautiful, heartfelt shout out on your fab site. I'm deeply honored, and so glad that we met. (And you're BY FAR the BEST camera phone photographer I've EVER been met! Check out how cute we look in that picture!)

I can't wait to get to know you better!
Kim Moldofsky said…
Looks like you are back with a vengeance! It was great hanging out and hearing about your latest efforts and accomplishments. You have so much on your plate. The conference was great. It was fun and motivating to hang out with such fabulous women.