Bringing Blogging Mojo Back

Yes, I'm really back! What to do? Where to start? Accck! Is anyone even reading here still? The last time I wrote was in July. A complete blog sabbatical and I hope that it will never happen again. What happened? My mojo went on a tangent. I focused on other web projects that have taken off and I was left uninspired to continue this personal blog of mine. The ironic thing is, a few months ago a girlfriend started blogging and I straight out told her that she needs to blog more if she wants to see more traffic. Hah! I should've been listening to my own advice.

So I'm here in Atlanta for the very 1st Blogging Conference for Women of Color (Yay!) called Blogalicious, and so I decided if I'm going to a "blogging" conference I may as well...uhhh..."blog". Ok - not only am I just attending, I'm actually one of the speakers. How's that for inspiration? Thankfully, I have other sites to show instead.

Oh, and Lookee! I even videoblogged today! And yes, I plan to blog tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that. I'm baaaaaack!


Mommy Liz said…
Finally!!! I was here the other day and still the August 10th was the entry, and I didn't put any comment.. Wow, blogging conference in Atlanta? You're getting unreachable MJ..Hehehe.. Good for you.