I lost my blogging mojo

Blogging was supposed to be fun, but lately this feels like work. And I have enough work, so this blog has been sitting and collecting dust lately. Darn, I hate that! I miss the feeling of excitement in blogging and I seem to be missing that lately. For now I'm giving myself a little bit of time to just do what I need to do. Like get the kids ready for school again (in 2 weeks, yikes!), finish the launching of a couple sites I have in my plate, and then maybe I'll get my mojo up and going again.

The thing is, I have lots of exciting things going on that I'd love to share...but I'm also exhausted beyond excitement and by the time I get to sit down at the end of the day to tell you my story, all I want to do is rest.

Here's another attempt to get caught up:
  • My baby Chicagonista was mentioned in Fox News during the Blogher Conference that took place here in Chicago. This made my day. Heck - it made my week, and will be dragged on for awhile until the next big traditional media exposure comes along.
  • I was a speaker at the Social Media Club in Chicago and it with me were the most exciting group of panelists that I've ever shared some great ideas and thoughts.
And many more....really....so many things happening that I'm trying to slow down so I can enjoy every single moment.

As always, my Twitter and my Facebook are updated if you are interested in knowing what else I'm up with lately.

So ----- Ciao for now! Who knows when I will get my mojo back. Hopefully soon.


Dancinghotdogs said…
I completely understand you. My husband and I started our website www.dancinghotdogs.com a year ago. It started out being just the two of us writing about movies we saw then two friends joined and I am now editor in chief. I have to review everything, motivate everyone to write and motivate myself to keep writing along with taking care of my wonderful family, work and life. Hang in there.
P.S. saw that you will be at Blogalicious in Oct. I will be there too. Hopefully we will meet.