Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener! Actually, I rode in one!!! No kidding!

Hot-diggity-dog! I was asked to join a tweet-up event a few weeks back hosted by Oscar Mayer and received a VIP seating on the wienermobile! Yes, the big hotdog ride. First of all, VIP? Are you tawkin' to me? But anyhoo - It was quite an honor to be chosen, but yet I was slightly embarrassed having to be picked up by a hotdog in front of my house.

What's a mama to do? So I asked if they can pick me up at the neighborhood park instead so the kids can actually see and possibly tour the wienermobile inside. And to my excitement, they agreed!!! So I invited parents to come and meet us at the park after school with their kids and it turned out to be so much fun. They all even received a sticker saying "I saw the wienermobile" and received the wienermobile whistles too. I was my kid's hero for the day, and you should see the pride in their eyes when their Mom was whisked away by a big hotdog. haha!

How was the ride? First let me tell you that the floor was with the wiggly mustard carpeting that I find hilarious and the 2 wienermobile hotdoggers (drivers) are women! How cool is that!? They are also the most infectiously joyful girls that were such a delight to be around with. As we passed through the busy downtown State Street, I have never had so much fun watching people wave at us and take pics while our lovely driver plays the tune " Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener" song. Some people sang back, and some are mostly smiling back like they were 5 years old once again. It was really a happy, happy ride!

Check out the pics and some videos below. And oh, I'm heading out to Madison, Wisconsin for what else - Oscar Mayer!!!!! Woohoo...Will tell you more soon.

Oh and thanks to Elizabeth Cron and Kevin of Weber Shandwick for organizing the wienermobile pick-up ride. Also a shout-out to Nora Sarrawi for getting me involved in the State of Sandwich Conference in Madison, WI tomorrow! I'm so excited.

We even paid a visit to Jerry Taft - Chicago's twitterlebrity ABCnews metereologist in Chicago. He even took a pic of us!


Chelsea Brito said…
Sounds like a hoot!
Angel said…
HOw cool to ride in a giant hotdog???!!!! So much fun!!!!
Asianmommy said…
How funny! & how nice of you to share with your friends.