What does Family Dinner have to do with it? Lots I Tell You!

This posting is one that I have been meaning to do for some weeks now.

First off, let me say that Nestle along with Publicis has done an amazing job with the Let’s Fix Dinner Round Table Event in Cleveland. (Solon to be particular) It was a day full of really interesting talks on what is so near and dear to most of us Moms: Our Family. I’m in it to not only learn how I can do a better job in getting my children to eat properly and hopefully can contribute what has worked for me, but what they had planned for us was just so amazing that I hope I can convey how grateful and appreciative I am in my writing. (Although this is really late!)

I’ve written about how I first received my itinerary package at home complete with all the very generous gifts. And that was just a little tasting. Okay, I feel a little guilty of what else we’ve received in there so let me just recap that by saying that we were even more excited what Nestle / Stouffer / Publicis when were handed with even with more gifts to take home.

But what I really want to talk about is about the amazing group of expert panelist that reiterated that although we’re talking about “Let’s Fix Dinner”, they are simply saying that it doesn’t have to be dinner…if the family are normally together to sit and eat for breakfast, then that’s what is. If Dad isn’t there to sit during dinner because of his work schedule, then Mom’s presence with her children is just fine.

According to The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse aka CASA founded in their research that:
Teens that have frequent family dinners:
…are more likely to say their parents are very proud of them
…more likely to say that their parents are the adults they would go to if they had a serious problem
…are more likely to say they get mostly A’s and B’s
…are the less likely they are to smoke, drink or use drugs.

Just to read that alone, my eyes and ears have opened up even more. Because although I am not the best cook, I’m pretty sure there are many other ways I can find to make the process of making and eating meals more enjoyable for our family.

I have also learned that bringing more conversations during meals are the best way to talk to your children. And that going beyond the “how’s your day?” questions can bring out more talking from my kids. Carmen Staicer of Mom To The Screaming Masses mentioned that they do a round of good and bad stories that happened that day, and each one takes turn. This is definitely something that I am starting to do.

Thank you Stouffers for giving our families a chance to see what a little Family Dinner can do. And thank you for letting us help in spreading the word that can help strengthen familial bonds and even mend all the strains in our daily hubbubs.

Let's Fix Dinner challenge is also on full steam and is as easy to join in.
  • 1. Sign up and set your weekly dinner goal. You're automatically entered into let's fix dinner™ Challenge Sweepstakes for the Sweepstakes Period in which you sign up.
  • 2. Update your dinner status each week for additional chances to win fun family prizes.
  • 3. When you sign up, they'll help feed hungry families by donating to Feeding America™.
And of course, this would not be complete without saying thanks to Simon Bowers and Publicis for this wonderful opportunity.


That's way too cool!! I want to ride one. :) What a great experience.

-Amy @ The Q Family