Eating Fried Worms and Fighting Bugs!!!

My 3rd grader just finished his diorama for some English class extra credits and I had to take pictures of it to share with you. This one was on "How to Eat Fried Worms". He used air-dry clay, pipe cleaners, glue, papers, and markers and I think it looks absolutely adorable! He even have the ketchup and mustard on Billy's plate. The setting was inside the barn when Billy was about to eat his first worm as his 2 friends were looking in. I think he captured all that beautifully. So, Miss K if you are reading in here, I think he deserves an A don't you think? lol ;-)

And yes, can you believe it? I'm actually here - posting again! I've been struggling to get over this flu bug virus that hit our entire family 2x in one month! I kid you not! And with the swine flu scare, it felt like we should be hiding from everyone...but no...we got checked. Just the normal nasty flu that was harder to combat for the sleep deprived pair of parents.

In between the sickness though, I've managed to get things exciting at work. So many things has passed and I really want to track back and write about all of what has happened. So, I am on a mission to finally blog all about it this week.

What have I been doing?
  • I wanted to tell you my encounter with Top Chef's Antonia Lofaso at the Stouffer Event and the fabulous event itself.
  • My wienermobile ride and even a wave hello to Chicago's famous weatherman Jerry Taft
  • The flowers Yahoo sent me and now joining their Motherboard project
  • Chicagonista events that left me inspired - like the ULTAmate Mom contest and the Charity Event we just hosted.
  • And last but not least - the kids encounter with Labou and Jurassic Park Animator / Maker David Aronowitz...
So stay tune!!!