Oh Hi Ya from Ohio!!!

I'm here in Ohio for the the Let's Fix Dinner Stouffer's Roundtable Event and I vlogged again...and you know that means I am too lazy...er I mean "tired" to write once again. But really, I'm starting to dig videotaping, so here it goes...

I also went to dinner with an old friend (Mimi) at the beautiful Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse. Yummmo! I had such a great time and if I didn't have to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow, I would've been out with her all night!

And the last but not the least - Centerd.com has launched today. Wooohooo! I will now be blogging for Centerd Chicago's City Pages and my first Feature Article " Late Night Grub in Chicago" is up today!
More news tomorrow!


DisgruntledMom said…
You can use the box to send the goodies to me if you want!! (Sorry...I'm on a diet and I'm HUNGRY!).

Really, very nice room and very thoughtful of Stouffer's! Hope you have fun.