Trust Me, I was lunching with celebrities!

A day after our Chicagonista Launching Party, Jen and I attended another event. This one was hosted by Beth Feldman aka (also the author of Peeing in Peace) who is equally as fabulous as this event I am about to tell you. It was the TNT's new tv show "TRUST ME" luncheon with one of their star Monica Potter (also was in Boston Legal) as our guest of honor.

The venue was Capital Grille, So not only were we rubbing shoulders with a celebrity, but we were also treated into a nice and beautiful luncheon. The wine was divine, the scallops were delish and omg the desserts were heavenly! Mind you that after just a few short hours of sleep (because of the event the night before this one), I was exhausted! But the wine perked me up and the luxurious food hit me in the right places that got me all going.
Once we all savored every bite of the delicious food, I was ready to throw in questions about the TV show - but much to my surprise, the luncheon turned more into a real light-hearted interview session. In fact, it was way better than I had imagined it to be. Just to rewind a little bit -- right before heading to this event, I went ahead to read Monica Potter's bio to prep for the interview and I was somewhat disappointed that I didn't see any info if she have any children. I'm not really sure why it was important for me to know this, but I guess my affinity towards other mothers/parents is so strong that I consciously always want to know this of anyone. Beth Feldman had set an easy and comfortable tone pretty fast, and soon enough we were all just loving Monica talk about her 2 kids and how she manages family life with work. It was such a casual girlfriend kind of luncheon meeting where anyone was comfortably pitching in their questions.

I have to also mention that I am amongst a company of friends who all happen to be celebrities in bloggywood. In my table with Monica Potter (see how I had to say "MY TABLE"...haha), I sat between my good friend and Chicagonista partner Jen Khatchatrian ( Ecochic Organizer ) and Dawn Meehan ( Because I Said So). Beside girlfriend Monica, sat Beth Fletcher (I Should Be Doing The Laundry - aka McDreamy's GF! no - really, ask her!)

And across from our table were Stephanie Precourt and her beautiful Ivy (Adventures of Babywearing) Sara Fisher (Self Made Mom) Alma Klein (Marketing Mommy) Beth (I Should Be Folding Laundry - aka McDreamy's GF! ask her!) and Sarah Viola and her handsome Asher (

Trust Me's 2 leading stars are Eric McCormack ( Will & Grace ) and Tom Cavanagh ( Ed ). The show is about "a sharp, witty drama series that centers on two best friends working as creative partners at a top-ranked Chicago ad agency". Monica Potter plays the role of the uptight "award-winning copywriter whose forceful personality has a tendency to rub people the wrong way". Well, thankfully she was not in the least anything like her character! TRUST ME!

Again, thank you to Beth Feldman and Bonnie McGuire for the wonderful time and the wonderful bag of TRUST ME giveaways! I hope to see you ladies again soon.



Cool! I watched that the other night, not bad. I knew she was familar looking but I couldn't place her, so thanks for that. :)
Mommy Liz said…
Hey, that's great. Wow, and you are dining with celebrities now? Hmmm...what will be the next thing? You will be in Hollywood? Monica Potter, she looks familiar, was she in that movie with Morgan Freeman, "Along came a Spider"? I will try to watch "Trust Me"..I love Eric McCormack from "Will and Grace"
Superha said…
i've always liked monica potter. how neat that you spent an evening with her! :)
I think that was just the best lunch ever! So fun!