This Mom Blogger off to Campbell's Event

With today's exhausting turn of events, I have decided to videoblog instead.

Thank you to Campbell's, V8 Fusion, and the Weber Shandwick Girls Nora Sarrawi and Sarah Mages.


Deb said…
Oh what a gorgeous room! I got as far as Cleveland and got stuck since all connecting flights tonight were cancelled. Can't wait to get there and meet up with you guys tomorrow though! :)
Kim said…
Wow, that is amazing! How much fun for you!! How did you get connected with them? I am trying to make some contacts and get sponsorship to BlogHer this summer. I am always interested to know how people get in with these big companies.
Have so much fun and enjoy your time in Philly!! I was there almost 4 years ago and it was just so much fun!
Mimi's Toes said…
Wow, that is an amazing room. I would have tore open that box of goodies right away...I love that brand. Have a wonderful time. I loved the picture of you, Steph & Ivy. Isn't she the sweetest little girl? Steph too!
That is awesome! You are so cute. You should do more video blogging!! How wonderful of them to give you a shipping label to send things back. That is perfect!

Anonymous said…
Hi MJ,

It's Nora. Thanks for the shout out! The room looks amazing (jealous of the bed). Hope you are enjoying yourself.

Also wanted to say what a nice time I had at the Chicagonista party. Appreciate being invited to celebrate!
Mom2Amara said…
How great of Campbell's to have given you a box to ship everything home in. They thought of everything, eh?

And that room! I don't know if I would have been able to drag myself out of bed for days. It looked so comfy!