A Night To Remember

Things are just starting to die down from last week's craziness. It was good crazy though, so I'm not really complaining. Infact they were so good that it isn't possible to recap in one posting. However, one particular event that we've been working on for awhile now finally happened last thursday. And that is the launching party of my newest web baby Chicagonista.com.

I truly had fun planning the event. For those that know me well - they know that I delve into these kind of stuff. It is where I'm most comfortable and confident on. From the simplest task of buying the right hors d'ouevres pik to the right looking bottle of wine that will be sitting on the bar. I love having to picture what the place needs and so I can create something of visual interest. The best part though is finally doing it with someone who is as passionate about throwing parties. My good friend and business partner Jen is truly a partner-in-crime when it comes to wicked party planning.

Our venue was Mars Gallery. The place was spectacular and to be surrounded with Art is just divine! We managed to score with the most awesome sponsors. Photobooth Express was there and our guests were able to take as many pictures as they want with as many as 10 people. The pictures instantly prints with our Chicagonista logo too. Ablon Chicago was there and gave relaxing chair massages and we even gave out (2) 1 hour in-home massage services as drawing prizes! M&Ms Premium also came and handed out the premium boxed chocolates. Truly melts in your mouth! Lincoln Park Athletic Club gave us the opportunity to give out a 3 month membership to their club. A cost value of almost $500. Spirit Technologies revamped, redesigned, and revitalized Chicagonista.com, so you'll have to visit our smashing new site! Thank you Spirit Technologies for giving us a wonderful web home!

We even had some local celebrities there. Kevin Luthardt was there signing books and the best of all Miss Lori of PBS who gave a beautiful speech about Chicagonista's value to our community. It was just beautiful! So the party came and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole process til the end. Everything went as expected and we are looking forward in doing more. Yeah, that's how much we love it!

Check out our pictures below!

Oh, and last but not least --- I was really touched how my best group of friends were able to make it! Gigi you were missed by the group and I totally understand why you couldn't. It feels nice to see that that you guys are so supportive and happy for me.


Anonymous said…
Wow what a complete success! It looked like so much fun!
MJ Tam said…
Thanks Chelle! It was definitely a riot!
It was so fun, MJ! Thank you for putting on such a great event!

Mommy Liz said…
Wow, that's great MJ, Congratulations!. Your launching party seemed so full of great happenings..