I wish it was all laundry

January came and I'm busier and crazier than I had ever expected. Work is piling up as fast as my laundry is. The great thing about laundry is that you can just dump it in the washer, throw in the detergent and voila everything you want off are gone. Not so much with work. The more work you do, the load triples! True, isn't it?!

So while I have SOOOO many blog topics I'd like to get to, let me take this moment to shout silently so that no one can hear.

In the mean time, go to Chicagomomsblog.com and check out my newest posting. And check out my Chicagonista site's new look when it is up and going hopefully by the end of the day.


Mommy Liz said…
You wish!! YOu'll be alright, you're tough and brave and a hard worker.