CES drool and the fab Techmama!

My inner geek can't help but drool over all the CES news I've been reading these past few days. You see, I was supposed to be there. I was all registered to go for months now and have been dreaming of flying to Vegas for the CES show. I got all tied up with so much stuff that I had to let it go and now I have nothing to show but my shiny registration card below. :-( For those interested in reading more, check out my friend and Tech Goddess Beth and her blog @ Techmamas.com on her fabulous finds without me! We were planning to be roomies and honestly she's lucky to not room with me anyway. HAH!


Mom2Amara said…
I feel this way with every conference I see I want to attend. I have the best intentions to go and even sign up for some. But life just gets in the way!

But you know you have way cooler stuff going on in the Windy City right now for you than the Sin City... :)
Aww- I know how that is! We can't be everywhere! Looking forward to next week!!