Family Affair of different sorts

For 2 weeks we've been huddled at home for some much needed warmth. The kids has been sick with pink eyes that has been going around in school and 2 ER impromptus for my 22 month old for 2 different reasons! 1 was for an allergic reaction from peanuts and the other was when she was wheezing and laboring on her breathing. We had to administer the epi-pen for the first time before the first ER visit which was pretty scary and the latter could be because she is allergic to something else that we didn't know about.

All is fine now and just in time for this past weekend’s event. As you can see below, the kids got to play with their friends over our annual Breakfast with Santa.

Battle with the Balloons!

Balancing Balloon Act


Anonymous said…
awww so glad everyone is feeling better!
Anonymous said…
Sorry you had to deal with the ER visits. That's scary. Glad she's better now.
Oh no! I hate those peanut allergies... Gray is still allergic. Did she ever have a blood test to test for other allergies?

Mommy Liz said…
MJ, when my kids are sick, they all get sick and I get scared. I can imagine how you feel when you were at ER with Katie. I am glad that she is better now, and the boys are OK. Take care.