One Fabulous Wii Night!

What a Night!  I hosted a Wii Fit Party to a small group of mommy friends and it was a huge hit!  Well how can you possibly go wrong? Great company, good food, and a phenomenal staff sent by Nintendo Wii that assisted us in learning our new "addicting" craze! Wii Fit!

I honestly didn't think that it would be this much fun to play with some video games with your gal pals.  But that's the thing - Wii fit is not just another video game. It is a game that is truly made for fun and health at the same time!  All the fun mixed in on together in a sleek looking gaming console and balance board that I find actually pleasing to look at and won't mind having it out hanging with in my living room. The hilarity of watching your friends try and balance on a tightrope, and relive some step classes was just fantastic. Awesome party concept don't you think?

It started out when everyone took turns in stepping on the Wii balance board to see how balanced they are.  Then, our stats like birthday, height, the kind of clothing you are wearing were entered in.  The balance board also weighs you at the same time.  With all that combined, it spits out your BMI stats and your Wii Fit age. Age?  No one ever talks about age! Well, not that night! From then on, we were all hooked.  All of us determined to lower those Wii ages by the end of the evening! Well, we knew that wasn't going to happen - but we sure did try!

With 3 flatscreen and Wii Fit consoles all set-up, the Nintendo gals had us playing like all the games we wanted to try.  Our children would've been amazed if they could've seen how cool their mommies were that night!  The Nintendo gals also set-up some delicious healthy food and white sangria!

Just when we thought the night couldn't be any better and besides Jen and I (the 2 hostesses received a complete Wii System + Wii Fit Bundle and many other Wii Fit stuff  ----- An Oprah moment happened!  Wii fit for EVERYBODY !!!!!!! Each and everyone was delighted and surprised to receive their very own Wii Fit Balance Board, Wii Fit Yoga Mat, cool workout gear, and a yoga bag! Yes Everyone! This was a huge icing on the already perfect cake!  Thank you Nintendo!  And thank you to our following guests:

Stephanie Anderson - Owner of Little Star Guitar
Daphne Aclaro - Owner of Ablon Chicago
Anita Mark - Owner of The Signature Residences
Amy Prevo - from Lincoln Park Athletic Club
Wendy Mullin - Mommy Extraordinaire
Geraldine Kwan - Mommy Blogger
Josephine Sanders - Owner of Room2Play
Sherri Murphy - Owner of  Room2Play
Sevila Schiml - Owner/Dentist of Chinatown Family Dental - who unfortunately didn't make it but tried very hard to get there. :-)

Thank you everyone for being a part of this magnificent night! Thank you Nintendo Wii Girls: Sylvia Tan , Elizabeth Oppriecht, Andrea Emanuel, and Julia Walls. They were so awesome and perfect party planners. And thank you Justine Meeks!!! We are waving from afar.

And don't forget - We are now giving out a Wii Gaming System + a Wii Fit Balance Board to a lucky reader!  So what are you waiting for?!!! Go Play Now!


Mommy Liz said…
Wahhhhhh! I want one too....
Great one MJ!! I hope I win the contest...
Anonymous said…
Definitely The Ah-ha! moment when you step on the platform and start your first activity. How could I have been the anti-game gal for so long? Now I am trash talking trying to see who will be emailing me via Wii! Fabulous night!!
Jenny said…
Looks like a fun evening. Was everyone happy with their Wii Fit age? I was definitely surprised at how old it told me. I guess it does not recognize channel surfing as a sport.
Mom2Amara said…
Looks like you all had a great time. I'm so envious! Wish I could have been a part of it!
Thanks again MJ for having such an awesome party! Your party was definitely one of my favorites.