My Vote Will Count

*** My reaction to Obama's win: He won fair and square and it is truly wonderful to have been a part of this historical event. Although I'm disappointed that McCain will never get a chance to lead, I am optimistic that Obama will do well in office. I can't wait to see the CHANGE we are all wanting to see. It was a great day to show our pride as Americans!

I voted for McCain
. And to my Obama Mama friends, I hope we can still be friends. I was rather silent on my choice so I know a lot of you are rather surprise. I'm not one to sway anyone on their beliefs, and although I truly believe that both can do a good job in office, I can't vote for someone that has nothing to show but promises. I don't know any citizen applying for a job without the appropriate experiences. It matters to any position on any company. So it should also matter to a Presidential candidate. John McCain won me over with his experience which lead me to believe that he will be a better and more effective leader for this country. (This was written before the results of Obama's win)


Mommy Liz said…
Well said MJ...You truly are a great citizen of this country. You know who could be the better and more effective leader. Sorry that McCain lost, and I know, for you , he should've won.
Well, let's just wait if our economy will get much better.
Lee said…
Hi MJ Tam, I too was hoping JM will win, but guess thats how it is.
I sure like Sarah Palin, she's gorgeous. Pity Canada doesn't have a Sarah Palin, ha ha.
How you doin'? Here's hoping this finds you in good health.
Best regards, Lee.