My husband and I laughed so hard on this video. There were many things in here that almost every Asian-American kid has gone through - like the part someone trying to speak "ching chong". It's funny now, but not then. Actually my son had his first taste of this just this summer and I remember how hurt he was. He's ok now after talking and it is nice to see that he laughed really hard with this video. He's obviously over it and more prepared to face anything else to come. So why don't you watch and laugh with us.


Mommy Liz said…
So short, I want more...That's funny..Hehehe, Roan was mistaken to be a Chinese boy, because he doesn't look so white...He didn't care.. Who cares, most of the Southern people don't know that Philippines exists..
Have a great week to you and your family..
Mom2Amara said…
I loved the video! I think we can say "been there, done that!"
Jenny said…
Yup - been there too. That was funny - thanks for the afternoon laughs.
MJ Tam said…
mom of four
mrs. gavina
& jen

Wow I just realized that we are all soybeaners here in the comment section...hmmm...wonder why? lol