How's my new look? Does it make my butt look big? Oh whatever, I already know it's big. But I hope you are diggin' my blog's new and improved(?) do.

The family and I have been buzzing with events and activities and I just simply can't keep up with the blogging part of it. I've been mentally blogging about all these "happy crazy" stuff going on and always planned to actually write it, but a lot of other important matters seem to pop up just as soon as I get a chance to sit down in front of my laptop. So now I am going to attempt in posting some recent photos and links that can hopefully suffice in getting all caught up.

These photos were taken just a little over a week ago from a wedding we attended. I am surprised in how the pictures came out because the reception hall was quite dim. The 2 top pictures are of my youngest and my firstborn.

My middle child is the ring bearer for this wedding. For a 5 year old, he is quite experienced in this line of work. So if you ever need a ring bearer, you know who to call. This one has his own tux and quite a charmer with the ladies. I also like the picture of my husband and I on the right. We never really get to take a lot of pictures together anymore because the lens is magnetically always focused on the kiddos you know!

So, how'd you like my sweaty look? With the 3 kids in tow for the wedding, all I did was pretty much chase them around. However, I wish we took the time to take a family picture.

I also just launched a new site called which is the local urban site of I am so excited about this project and I am currently hard at work in getting the NY and SF launched in a few months. Woohoo. I've also attached the email blast that was sent out yesterday that I would love for all of you to see. So click on the images that is linked to the actual image and site.

Just as I am trying to get all caught up here, I will resume in checking and reading through all my favorite blogs to visit. Looking forward in reading some of your updates.


Mommy Liz said…
Gulat naman ako sa bago mong Template. Pagbukas ko, nakita kita agad..It looks really great. Nawala lang yung pink looking, but ang ganda..Dami kong compliments sa ginawa mong template ko ha..Thanks..
Anonymous said…
Oooo your babies are getting so big!!!! You are all looking gorgeous!
Congrats on the new sites! So exciting!
Those photos are great- you look awesome and so do does your site!!

hollibobolli said…
The blog renovation looks wonderful!! Okay, could your littlest look ANYCUTERSQUEEEEEE!!!

Not that your boy doesn't look mighty handsome.

MJ Tam said…
Mom of Four Nabigla ka ba? Thanks and you're welcome. Hindi pa naman tapos yoong sa'yo.
MJ Tam said…
chelle Thanks. Yes, they are getting big way too fast for mama

steph Thanks! I needed a new look and I think I have it just about how I want it to look like.

hollibolli Awww sweet. Thanks. It is nice to see you pass by.
Lee said…
Hi MJ Tam, beautiful pics of your kids, and of you and hubby.
Somehow your hubby reminds me of a HK film star...can't remember the name, ha ha.
But nice hairstyle.
Your new blog is very of luck and everything to its success.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.
MJ Tam said…
Thanks u. lee! My husband was actually once a HK actor. LOL kidding...He got the kick out of that one.
Superha said…
nice new look! makes your butt look even better than before. :) i'm still trying to get over the awesome story about your boys cleaning your house!
MJ Tam said…
Thanks superha! Really, my butt look better? That's more like it...hehe.

What can I say, my boys are awesome - but so are your kiddos! :-)
Mom2Amara said…
MJ, congratuations on Chicago Mom Views! You must be so proud!

And btw, your daughter's dress at the wedding is gorgeous!
MJ Tam said…
Oh thanks mom2amara!

I am really excited about the

I bought my daughter's dress @ - they do have some really cute selections.
Beautiful pictures of your kids! I think you look fabulous even after running after 3 kids. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's so nice to find your blog. I love it. Now I have a whole year worth of posts to catch up with.

-Amy @ The Q Family
MJ Tam said…
the q family Oh hello! Nice of you to come by as well! And thanks for the nice compliment.