I know all of Moms think that they have an awesome kid, but I can tell you now --- I'm the luckiest of all Moms because I have the best kid of all. EVAH!

Have you ever been left alone to nap and woken up by an 8 year old grinning with excitement telling you that he has a big surprise?

I dozed off from exhaustion while sitting with them in the living room and when I woke up, Voila! He cleaned the entire kitchen/dining room with a solicited help from his 5 year old brother. Their 18 month old sister laying on the couch while snacking on a bowl of cheerios. She was happily watching a baby video that her big brother popped in for her.

Yes, I do feel terrible dozing off on them. But it happened, and I'm glad it happened when my firstborn was there to take over for me even for just a little bit.

Thank you for being so amazing Christian! Love, Mama.


Anonymous said…
aww you are raising a good boy!!!
Anonymous said…
Aww...what a sweetie!
Cindy Fey said…
Awww! That is so sweet! Seems appropriate for the son of a sugar-lover! And great pic of him, too. What a little man!
Crooked Eyebrow said…
Um that is Awesome.
I think he should be my 7 year old's mentor for sure.

Mommy Liz said…
Yeah, I agree with you..He's an amazing kid!!! Want me to tell you about my 14- year old firstborn? Nahhhh!!! There's nothing amazing to tell, hehehe...
Take care and hey, get some rest once in a while..You're getting exhausted..