Crackberry vs. To-die-Phone

It was all I needed for for the conference sessionsI just coined that term as I wrote this! LOL... Actually, I don't know much about Blackberry, but what I do know is that my iPhone 3G is to die for! Last year's Blogher 07 conference I toted my laptop around from the next session to another. This year, I still did the same thing on the very first session of my first day in the conference. But the laptop never left my bag. The iPhone was all I needed to be there.

The most obvious reason that people buy the iPhone for is the incomparable internet capabilities to any other smart phones available today. Actually that is the foremost reason why I decided to buy it. Just the thought of being able to surf the net, twitter, check my email whenever I need to was beyond excitement for me.

But the one I didn't expect to love the most is the iPhone camera. It never entered my mind that the quality would be that great. I hardly used my real camera during our Hawaiian trip just last month because it was just so convenient to take it with my iPhone. Thankfully, at the very beginning of our vacation I discovered that I can send my photos to Flickr directly and so I was posting pics on real time! How geeky was that! My family enjoyed every single update and I ended up with over 300 pictures uploaded from our vacation.

Here are my favorite FREE downloaded iPhone apps:

  • Shazam - Don't know who sang whatever song you are listening to? So lovely to have this on my phone. "seamlessly discover, buy and share tunes simply by holding your iPhone to music for just a few seconds."
  • Twittelator - I tried twitterific, but twittelator is just way better! It is sort of like a tweetdeck for your cell phone. What can I say, I am so addicted to twittering. A little side note: I have started Twitter Stories that has attracted lots of readers already. :-)
  • IM + All-in-One Messenger - To use with AIM/ iChat, MSN/ Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, GTalk and MySpaceIM - all in one application ! Yeah!
  • Facebook iPhone App - Do i have to explain what a Facebook is? I think not.
  • Flickup - This isn't exactly free, but for a $1.99 that's as close as free. This app is a photo direct posting from iPhone to Flickr. It sends the full size pic to Flickr and will even geo-tag it for you. Way cool!
  • Pandora - Free internet music! "the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites". I don't really download music, and this works great for me.
  • Urbanspoon - Perfect to have especially if you are visiting unfamiliar places. "provides you with many local options when choosing a restaurant for dinner. After using the phone’s GPS to detect restaurants in the area, Urbanspoon presents you with a slot machine-like listing of cuisine types and price"

There are many other free apps that I love, but these are the top ones that I use the most. There are also many great games to download for free. My boy's enjoy Tap Tap Revolution, and I normally play with the reMovem free, Monnlight lite, Bubble Wrap, Break Classic and Across LE

Now, to other To-die-phone owners, care to share your favorite iPhone apps and why?


Anonymous said…
That's awesome. Hmmm...maybe I need to get one of these?
MJ Tam said…
It will change your Social Media life! hehe
Anonymous said…
Great post! I have been drooling over the browsing features of an iPhone but still hooked to my blackberry....
MicroBlogginMom said…
Like you, I am lovin' my new iPhone. My fav apps include: Facebook (this app got me re-connected to virtual social networking), Twittelator, Pandora, & Bookmarks (to keep all of my "" bookmarks at my fingertips). Thanks!
Anonymous said…
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Mom2Amara said…
Like Beth, I'm a Crackberry addict. I want an iPhone but I don't think I can handle using AT&T for cell service. So I must wait a few years...
I love my iPhone too. I didn't want it originally but then I'm glad now that my hubby insisted. :)

I have similar apps on mine as well. I love to play sudoku and brain tuner.

-Amy @ The Q Family