On Our Way To Paradise

The kids are still in bed while I run around making sure everything in my list will make it to the luggage. Today is the day we are finally leaving for vacation. First stop - a couple of days in LA which isn't a big deal since we visit there quite often and only really go there because of my in-laws. After LA, Hawaii here we come!!! Woohoo!!!

I think we've tortured the kids enough by having them watch our many old videos in Hawaii. The husband and I frequented Hawaii before the kids came along, so this is the first time we are visiting back. We contemplated every year if the kids are too young to enjoy it (and of course the long plane trip), but we figured the oldest of 3 will be too old to not have seen the islands yet before the youngest is old enough. So, we just simply couldn't wait any longer.

My uncle and his wife of Texas are coincidentally visiting their children that same week we are in Hawaii, so I am also looking forward in hanging with the cousins whom I saw last summer.

In time I will get to finish all my Blogher recaps --- but for now, I will be writing about this vacation! I will be posting daily!


Crooked Eyebrow said…
Quite jealous, but have a fabulous time!
Have a FABULOUS time!!! Do the hula for me!