Now that we are taking our 3 kids with us in our Hawaiian vacation, I'm wondering how we will roll with this new adventure.

Let me explain. For the longest time my husband and I have vacationed to Hawaii alone by ourselves. Our special place to just completely veg out. On some days, we like spending all day lounging by the pool/beach or just simply chilling out in the hotel room. The occasional shopping trips, snorkeling, and other activities somehow manage to make its way through. And on those days he'd rather nap the day away, I get my pampering done. Mani and pedi on such days, massage on other days, and maybe a facial or a body scrub unless I felt the need to shop. But the evenings are a different story -- we always plan on nice dinners, maybe a romantic fine dining, or we catch some local theatre dinner show sort of thing. We enjoy these arrangements because we both get our "me" time and still have a lot of together time and that's just how we roll.

But what happens now that we are taking our kids with us? I'm imagining that the whole "me" time will now be gone. *poof! It will be more of like me, me, me, or mine, mine, mine.

Goodbye pool / sea side lounge chair naps, goodbye to all the pamperings. But the nice planned dinners we will keep. I don't know about fine dining with them, and we may have to resort to some buffet places and watch the free street shows instead. And that is probably how we'll roll.


Mommy Liz said…
Don't worry, you will be fine..the me, me me, might not happen, hehehe..
It will probably not going to be a quiet vacation for you and William, but..Oh well, you will spend it with the whole family and that's what's important, right? When are you leaving?
Have a wonderful trip na lang sa inyo and when are you coming back? Punta kasi kami kila ate Do sa Aug. 29, gang 31 kami, birthday ni Inang, so dun kami mag labor day weekend.
Anonymous said…
It'll definitely be different, but you will have a great time with the kids. Have fun!
Anonymous said…
It will be different, but maybe more adventurous, with hiking, swimming and touring!
MJ Tam said…
Different is obviously the consensus. Thanks for the comments mom of four, asianmommy, and chelle