Is summer really over?

We're back home but mentally still on vacation. The kids has started school and trying very hard to get back into the norm. It was one whirlwind of a summer for me and the family and so no wonder why our summer seem to have passed by so quickly. First, I spent almost a week in the ever fabulous city of San Francisco for the Blogher Conference (even got to hang out with Sesame Street's Grover - want proof?) and then a few weeks later the family was off to LA, then our biggest highlight of all...Hawaii!

Here is a small video I made to share a little bit of what made my summer so great. Hope you had a fun summer too.


Those are great photos! I can't believe that water is so blue!

Anonymous said…
Wow what an exciting summer!!!

Hawaii looks so beautiful! And your kids are soooo cute!
MJ Tam said…
adventures in babywearing - I know -- just watching how the hues of blues in the ocean is sooo exhilarating.

chelle - Thanks! Hawaii is just absolutely beautiful. I can never get enough of it.
Anonymous said…
Great video! The kids are so cute & I love the sand writing.
MJ Tam said…
asianmommy - thanks! Mommy had fun doing all the sand writings. I had more of those sand arts (ok scribbles), but it would've been overkill if I added them all in the video...hehe
Lee said…
Hi MJ Tam, All I can say is, WOW! Its my dream to go to Hawaii. Pics reminds me of Elvis Presley's 'Blue Hawaii', ha ha....really being in Paradise, and it is Paradise.
You visited all the other Islands? Bet you bought some lovely Hawaiian sarongs too, huh?
Aloha to you, Lee.
MJ Tam said…
u.lee We just stayed in Oahu...the rest of the other islands are much too much of honeymooners. Not so fun for the kids.