Hawaii is so close to home

Hawaii has always felt like home to me. No I've never lived here, but I always wished I did. This morning we went to our free breakfast (hotel package deal) and there were white rice and soy sauce available. If you must know, white rice is a norm on Asian households eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. My husband and I were happy, and the kids ate happily with their rice, bacon, and egg.

Years ago I remember giggling that even Burger King here serve rice, egg, spam, and soy sauce for breakfast. Denny's have everything from Filipino food, to Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. So seeing the rice and soy sauce being served this morning wasn't so much of a surprise, but a welcoming one.


Kim Moldofsky said…
I was fortunate to spend a summer there during my college years. Ah, the memories. No one ever mistook me for a local, though. I'm a haole (sp?) all the way.

Carrie said…
I spent a couple weeks in Honolulu once on a fellowship, so I was doing some non-vacation things. Like I had to go to Sears for something. It cracked me up to see that the whole men's clothing section was nothing but Hawaiian shirts. Life is definitely different there!
MJ Tam said…
carrie You know what's funny is that we went to Nordstrom and at least 90% of the men's floor stock were designer Tommy Bahama's expensive hawaiian shirts!