Blogher 08 Conference Recap I --- Many Thanks!

To say that I had a wonderful time in San Francisco for the Blogher Conference is a big understatement. Up to this day, I still can't seem to write about it. And all these oozing of excitement is probably why it took me this long to write about it. First of all; I was able to hang out with friends that I am now even more attached to. I’ve also met so many that have begun to touch my life already. With all this, I am thankful!

To start with, I was fully sponsored by Hakia, the new super power semantic search engine. Airfare, Hotel, Conference fee, and even some fun money were graciously taken care of by them. The funny thing (funny good) is I kept in touch with Hakia’s President /COO (Melek Pulatkonak) since last Blogher’07 and approached her to sponsor me for this year. As you can see, Blogher Conferences has brought me my lucky stars. I know I’ve said it way too many times, but if not for Hakia – all I am about to tell you here would not be possible. So again thank you Hakia. And most especially to Melek!

Then there were other great people that I came to know. Bonnie Gray (owner of opened her heart and so it was easy for me to dig deep inside and share my story with. Annie Salyer ( owner) whom I have wanted to meet for a while now and enjoyed sitting and talking with at the SVMoms party. Kim Modolfsky (, another Chicago Mom whom I always enjoy talking to. Ana Picazo (, another Filipina Mom whom I enjoyed meeting for the first time. And of course many other SVMoms that I had a pleasure in meeting for the first time as well. The fun and sincere camaraderie felt good. I loved every minute of it. Thank you guys!

But my thank you(s) would not be complete without mentioning the 3 very significant mom blogging friends whom I enjoyed this SF trip with in a deeper level. I can imagine in comparing orthopedic shoes and dentures with this bunch one day. Although I will of course lead the pack in shopping for the walker or cane first since I’m much older than them. Amy (, Steph (, and Arianne ( Lots of laughter and even some tears were shared, and I will treasure them all. Thank you Amy, Steph, and Arianne.

Here are some pictures I took from my iPhone on our very first night in SF (which also happens to be my birthday).

We were so tired that we giggled about everything. Apparently the very pregnant Steph brought her prosthetic arm with her that night. Just kidding. Her arm was getting in her way all night. haha.

Amy and I looking like we're partners? Uh no...we're not into each other that way. hehe Although, Amy looked like she was flirting with me here... NOT! Amy whose creative mind is always buzzing with ideas is definitely a partner in brainstorming. You will see more of us on future projects together. Zip...not sayin' anything more.

The very beautiful prego and her partner Arianne...Ok, they're not into each other that way too. But boy, our pictures do look a little too close don't you think? Steph is the most positive and honest person I know, and Arianne definitely the most passionate on issues that her heart feels so strongly on. I admire your strength girl! Both are extremely awesome writers/bloggers.

And last but not least --- Can someone tell us what this pregnant girl ordered? Lol. We were laughing so hard because when we were trying to figure out who ate what, the bill was written in Thai. Steph looked rather confused and excited at the same time... Good times!
So -- this is just to start with....more Blogher Conference recaps in the following days.


Seriously- I will forever remember that night. I don't think I've ever laughed SO much and SO hard or been SO TIRED! We were loopy. MJ, you are the best.

Anonymous said…
awww such wonderful times you had!

Happy Belated Birthday!
Carrie said…
yeah I'm jealous you were having so much fun while i was busy working. i was glad to get a few extra minutes of hanging out time at the airport, tho :-)
Mommy Liz said…
Happy Belated Birthday to you..I know it was in July, just can't figure out the date..Anyways, I know you did have a great time in SF..More power to you!!!
Ok. It's 2 months late.

Hope you remembered what you ordered. :)

1) Some vegetarian dish without Tofu

2) 2- Chicken Pad Thai

3) Chicken Fried Rice


-Amy @ The Q Family