Learning something new

I took a fancy in learning how to use a real camera. A real camera as in a Nikon D700 (drool)! My artist / graphic designer - extraordinaire older brother took the time to explain what ISO and aperture means. How to focus, when to focus, what lens to use, etc… I got into the whole thing and took lots of picture as I learned along the way. I have to say that that camera is spectacular in so many ways. Here are some pictures I took below:

Not too bad don't you think?

And check out by brother's recent photos here - they are absolutely beautiful!


Anonymous said…
Great Job MJ! And your brother's photos are schweeet!
Mommy Liz said…
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MJ Tam said…
Hello Mom Of Four --- sorry I had to delete your comment. I really appreciate your blog visits and comments but I forgot to mention that I don't mention my family's real names in here. Well, I try not to anyway. So below is what you had to say, of course minus the name.


Mom of four - amprettymomma.blogspot.com

The pictures are great. ____ pictures were post card quality. I love taking pictures, can you tell from my Friendster account? I think my dream is to become a Photographer, if given a chance.. How are you all??
Crooked Eyebrow said…
I love the porch photo. Love it.
and I want his camera.