I Knew I Was Being Watched

You just know when there is something weird going on. Am I just being paranoid? I decided to ignore it and go about my day. AsI was getting ready to clean up and organize their bookshelf this morning...

I found what I will just call thing 1 and thing 2 tucked in between the Dr. Seuss books.

It wasn't a cat in a hat or anything like that, and thank goodness it wasn't a rat! (ok, rhyming will stop here.)

They were but 2 miniature cars with watching eyes! Yes, EYES! So now little cars, scurry along and stay in the box where you belong (along - belong - I didn't even think hard on rhyming that one. Promise. No more rhymes.)!

They may look cute, but I've been seeing these little buggers everywhere in my house and it is starting to annoy me. It came in a pack of dozen and since I bought them for the boys, I have no one to blame but myself.

Coincidentally, The Mom Bloggers Club chose me to be their Mystery Mom Blogger. Apparently, I am being watched. Hehe. Thanks MBC! And thanks to Ann for letting me know.


Anonymous said…
Hee! Those little buggers are cute!
Caroline said…
Hi fell into your blog today! I miss Chicago (we moved last year--lived there my whole life)! I'm not Filipino, by my husband is! My kids look nothing like me (everyone thinks I'm the nanny). Stop my blog sometime! And bring the lumpia!
Oh funny! And hey- did you get my email last week by chance?

MJ Tam said…
Thanks Asian Mommy! Those cute buggers are still being found everywhere...hehe
MJ Tam said…
Caroline - Thanks for passing thru!

Steph - what email?
Ann Harrison said…
Now go have your green eggs and ham and relax!
Mommy Liz said…
At least the cars were hiding between books, and not between your toes, ouch!!! Roan has the SpiderMan little cars and grrrrr, I step on it most of the time, and I want to throw them away, but..they are so cute and I bought them for Roan, so I blame myself too..
I love your book shelf.
Rick said…
Very funny - you had one of those eerie feelings?

And knew you were being watched.