Liar Liar Pants On Fire

This past weekend was one hell of a doozy. Fun in all sense, but I was stripped to the core. Stripped. Last Friday was the last day of school, and much to my excitement I have scheduled a hectic and fun weekend for the 3 kiddos and I (sans husband). What was I thinking?

But I’m alive to tell you about some of it (and the comedy that came along) so here it goes:

In our list, we had Friday night for a surprise birthday day dinner for my older brother in the north side of Chicago, Saturday an uber-early garage sale in a southern suburbia, and on Sunday a graduation party in the farther western suburbs. So as you can see, the only thing I that wasn’t planned was drowning in the east of us. Which is of course in Lake Michigan.

Fast-forwarding to Saturday morning and only after having just a couple of hours of sleep, I dragged the kiddos and about 4 big bins of old toys to hopefully sell in a garage sale. The kids had a riot with their friends in spite of the hot and humid weather. My sleep-deprived baby girl (stimulated from all the morning excitement) eventually took a nice catch-up nap as soon as I took her inside the house for some AC.

Much to my un-readiness, I told the boys to not get dirty and wet because I didn’t bring any change of clothes. Well of course the boys got dirty and of course got wet. And more than once! Naturally, we had to borrow clothes from my gf’s kids. My 5 year old ended up sporting a neon green shirt in the end.

After a full day of garage sale and a whooping $14.00 richer, we took the kids for some ice cream. In the end, an economic crisis has started. I'm down to -$15.00 and what about dinner? Oh, and let’s not forget the gas money! hehe... As soon as we got in the car after visiting Oberweiss’ expensive-made-out-of-gold-cow-ice-cream, all 3 kiddos fell asleep. All is well, so we might as well drive home. Unfortunately, the 30-mile freeway stretch felt like 3 hours. I was literally falling asleep and actually slapped and pinched my cheeks to wake up a couple of times. It got scary and I will never ever drive that tired ever again!

When we got home, each one headed to sleep in the living room floor. 3 hours later we all woke up. My 5 year old asked me if we ever went anywhere that day. He was so confused and so I played with his head saying “ No, remember you came down here this morning and you fell asleep in front of the TV?” He exclaimed that he had some dreams, so I said, “ I bet I know what you dreamt about!” So I recounted tales of the day. The garage sale, the water playing, the ice cream etc… He was ecstatic to hear that I knew ‘em all. He even said, “ oh you know my dream, because you were part of it Mama!” I truly didn't know if he was just playing along.

An hour or so later after dinner, I caught him staring at his neon green shirt. With a big smile on his face saying, “Mama, you lied to me! We did go to the garage sale because I have this tee-shirt on!”

And so there it goes…I am after all a “big fat liar”. Thanks to the kid's Mommy who gave the neon green shirt, I've been exposed.


Geraldine said…
Its been 3 days and I'm still laughing at that dream of his. Its just so cute and hilarious!!!
Anonymous said…
WOW what a weekend! Glad you survived!
Mommy Liz said…
That was a good one..I wish I can drive so I can take my kids anywhere they want. Yup, don't drive when you're tired, it could be dangerous. That was a great weekend you had though..Garage sale, that you mentioned it......
Lee said…
Hello MJTam, Love your lively posting, and your humour.
You have a very nice style of describing things.
Bet your kid was surprised, huh?
You keep well and have a nice weekend, Lee.