1 Week Left

School is out after this week and I am thrilled. No more waking up early and ahhhhhhhh HELLO SLEEP-INS! Sleep does make me a happy mama and lots of exercise will make me powerful. I enrolled in a not-too early daily work out that is starting next week. I've also scheduled and enrolled all the kid's summer activities no earlier than 10 am. My plans of grandeur are being out and about practically everyday and resting at home on weekends with Baba (Daddy).

I hope to lose weight, get strong, and have a ton of fun with the family. I can't wait to get started and shed the winter layers off all of us. We want to glow in the bask glory of the sun! Can you tell we're Chicagoans or some other deep cold frozen areas by just saying that? hehe


Cathy said…
Oh yes! I'm looking forward to summer to, though my boys DO NOT sleep in, yet. But I'm also making plans to keep us out and about during the week and hopefully squeezing in some exercise for myself!
Anonymous said…
You get to sleep in????

We are hoping for a warm summer :)
BlondeBlogger said…
Yay!! Here's to lots of sleep-ins!!

I'm the same way with getting more exercise in the summer. Since I homeschool, I have such a hard time fitting it in during the school year.
BOSSY said…
Bossy gets so happy about summer too.
Mommy Liz said…
yes, summer is fun, I don't have to get up at 615am every morning, but I still have to wake up every 2-3 hours for the baby. Good luck on your summer plans, everything seems really cool. Losing the weight is exciting, I rode my exercise bike everyday before my surgery and it helps a lot. Now, I have to wait for at least 3 more weeks before I can start again. I know I will be chunky for a while. Have a geat summer!!!!