You're not the boss of me! She is!

So Georgia Getz - aka the "Bossy" Lady (who by the way is quite tall – or maybe because I’m so short) rolled into town and so a couple of Chicago bloggers gathered at Suburban Kamikaze’s lovely home in Suburban IL. It was a beautiful night with food, wine, and great company. What more could you ask for?

Thank you for a lovely night to these beautiful ladies:

BTW, that picture was taken from Bossy's blog. I'm too lazy to upload photos of Bossy and I from my camera. Maybe later.


MJ- you look fabulous as always! Will I see you Sunday?

Anonymous said…
Hi MJ! It was great to meet you at the Bossy meet-up!
I love that I know people in real life now to blog visit. I just read the posts below and have to say, LOVE red velvet cake, am soooo tired of zits, and that I showed everyone I know that Ken Lee video and even made a small group go up to a bedroom at a dinner party to watch it one night.
MJ Tam said…
Thanks Steph! Definitely nothing like your model-like pics. I really hate posting my pics here because I am so not photogenic like you.
MJ Tam said…
Sarah and Kristin! It was great fun - hope we get to see each other again. Thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
Dude- a Chicago mommy blogger get together and I wasn't there!? we are always at the same partays! looks like fun. Hope to see you soon!
MJ Tam said…
-selfmademom - I know right! Where were you anyway? Still hiding from the cougar? hehe