My Bloggin' Mamas

There are two things that I truly enjoy: Motherhood and Blogging. So it was such a treat that I got to enjoy a Sunday afternoon sippin’ wine and eating delicious food with my blogging mamas from As usual, it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. And to make it even more exciting, two other great gal pals of mine; Shawnna and Jen, write for CMB now and Jen was there to meet up with the group for the first time.

Thank you Mary Anne for being such a wonderful host, and thank you to all for a great time. We should really do this more often!

Who was there?

  • Amy and her beautiful Hailey – big time celebrity now! hehe
  • Steph looking wonderfully pregnant who will have more adventures in babywearing
  • Ariane A former Californian who I enjoyed meeting for the first time
  • Alma the marketing mama with her older daughter this time around
  • Farrah who is another baby wearin’ pregnant mama
  • Sophiawho seem to be in a great mood
  • Lydia oh wise one! Came with her boy
  • Catherine smarty pants – whom I've had a pleasure hangin' with at last year's blogher conference
  • Tracey who is really not JUST another mommy blogger
  • Cindywhose blog title I love
  • Jenmy sweet and really funny eco-friendly fashionista galpal
  • And of course our host diva and host baby Mary Anne and Kavy

After the little get-together, Jen and I chatted at Starbucks for hours on end. It was 7pm by the time we kicked our butts outta there!

BTW - I stole the pic from our celebrity Amy thru Steph's site...hehe


We had so much fun- and I'm so glad you brought Jen into the group! What a keeper!

Cindy Fey said…
MJ - So great to meet you Sunday! And I love your Guy Kawasaki post too. Can't wait to hear about your meet-up at BlogHer, hee-hee!
MJ Tam said…
-Steph- And glad you brought in Ariane! CMBers is even more so rockin now with all the great people joining. I love it.
MJ Tam said…
-cindy- I'm not planning on meeting Guy at Blogher. I will probably get so shy. If I see Guy at the conference I will sure to run the other way. I feel like I'm back in highschool or something...hehe
Cindy Fey said…
Tag! You're it!
Catherine said…
What a great recap! It was fun to see you and everyone again. :)