I am too old for zits!

I've been stressing lately. Can you tell? Never mind that my roots need coloring - but look at my freakin' zits! Zits at 40? (okay 1 year shy of 40) Soon enough my preschooler will be happy to connect the dots on my face.

I've been bracing myself for the upcoming departure of my dear husband supposedly this Thursday. As sad as I am with my father-in-law being ill, I am really overwhelmed with the idea of having to be alone for 2 weeks with the 3 lil' kiddos. And to make matters worst -- because he is badly needed by his mom and sis in California, he had to promptly leave today instead. We were not ready for him to go, and things got emotional and we all got choked up saying our temporary goodbyes at the airport.

The boys has a lot of extracurricular activities other than school, and the only way we managed this well is because we (husband and I) are both here. And now that he's not here, I'm pulling out my hairs trying to figure out how to get around efficiently while toting a baby everywhere. I know we'll do fine and I'll get the hang of things. But, I really miss my husband already...not just because I need help with the house and kids...I just miss him because...


Anonymous said…
acne? you youngin'! :)
Oh you are so brave but I have definitely got them, too. And MJ I NEVER would have guessed you were closer to 40 than 30! You look great!

MJ Tam said…
***superha*** I wish I feel like a spring chick. hehe
MJ Tam said…
**steph** aww really? not even a hint? hehe...you know that made my day. Yeap - I am old.
Anonymous said…
I was just having that zit conversation with my skin last night. I shook my fist and said, "I thought you were gone with my college applications and prom corsage!" But alas, they will not go.

I missed my husband last week while I was at Camp Baby, even though I didn't see him for all of a day and a half. So I understand where you're coming from and I feel for you!

Jane, Pinks & Blues