Guy Kawasaki is my kind of guy!

I have a crush on Guy Kawasaki! I get light headed and my heart flutters when he sends his many daily twits as I drool over this cutie pic. So you can just imagine what delight it was to receive a direct twit from him. I almost fainted in front of my computer.

If you don’t know who he is, you need to come out from under your rock because he is just about everywhere in the net. His cute smile is inescapable, and everyone is just after this Web God…I mean Guy.

Ok, now I know you guys are all thinking I’m kissin’ ass…well, frankly I don’t have to. Because I am already on Guy's highly coveted ALLTOP list! Yes, I’m an AllTop-er now…woohoo! Little ol’ me?! I’m still giggly.

Of course this is after I played a little damsel in distress in Twitter. He played along and flirted back – right Guy? And this is why this little ol’ blog is listed under – EH? Not under Mom Bloggers, or losers, but food. I don’t get it either. Yes, under food. I’m not a food blogger, but who cares? I certainly don’t. Just the many thoughts of him visiting my sugar blog makes this sugarmama melt into some hot syrup…So you see I don’t have to kiss his ass, I’m just sort of rubbing it. What for? Because, I just want to! So, thanks Guy ;-) – really thanks!

And oh yes, my is listed in and now I'm workin' to get my listed in AllTops too...hehe. Ok, so I'm kissing butt here. Just a little. Did that little rub work for you Guy?

Because this is all written in jest, here’s hoping that I will never ever meet him in person so I don’t have to die of embarrassment. Hehe.


Unknown said…
Guy is great meeting you on Sunday! :)
MJ Tam said…
Steph and Ariane - He's definitely everyone's Guy!