Thank You Hakia !

I'm going to Blogher Conference '08 in San Francisco! Woohooo! My newest excitement is probably something that only another blogger will understand. But the most important part of this news is that HAKIA (the new super-power search engine) is fully sponsoring me to Blogher and I'm still pinching myself everyday to see if I'm just dreaming. Well, I'm not dreaming ---- all this is real! Hakia is making me feel like a rock star and I am feeling all the love. Airfare, hotel, and conference fee all taken care of Hakia! Now, how cool is that! Thank you so much Hakia!

Now I don't love Hakia just because they are about to be bigger than any search engine out there, but I would like to introduce to you the person who is responsible for this generous sponsorship. Ms. Melek Pulatkonak, the Chief Operating Officer of Hakia ( whom I have spoken to and even met last year in the blogher convention '07) is the admirable woman that I am talking about. First of all, it is quite amazing to meet and have spoken to such an intelligent woman who is a COO of the company, but she happens to be all about empowering women and quite familiar with us bloggers and that is definitely a big plus in my book. I am by far the luckiest person to have been granted an opportunity to be part of her Hakia family just even for the week of the convention.

About Hakia:

"Hakia is a semantic search engine that brings relevant results based on concept match rather than keyword match or popularity ranking."

Now, doesn't that make more sense? I have to tell you that after using it for some time now, it is clearly a much better search engine than the 2 other big ones out there. But don't take my word for it, go and check it out. Because I know that you will find Hakia as amazing!

Here are a couple of things to start within

- Check out what a Hakia Scoopbar is all about!

- Join the h club and see what fun varieties are in store.

- Meet Others "who asked the same query" -- is a new social networking service that connects people through their common search queries. And it is easy to use too. It basically prompts you to join in (if you want) on a conversation over the same topic you were searching on.

I'll keep you guys in touch with more Hakia news later for the mean time --- what are you waiting for? Go Hakia now and search happily!


Nilsa S. said…
What exciting news! And an interesting take on search! I'll have to check it out. In the meantime, if Haika is looking to sponsor another local blogger or if you need your bags carried from point A to B, you just let me know. I'd love to make it to BlogHer 2008! :-)
Anonymous said…
Congrats that is exciting!
MJ Tam said…
nilsa - It would be great if you can make it to SF too! The more the merrier! BTW- did you go to last year's conference?
MJ Tam said…
chelle - thanks! what about you? any plans in going at all?
Oh gosh! So jealous! If they want you to take someone along, I'd gladly join you! ; )

MJ Tam said…
steph - I would love to take you all along - if I only could! How's pregnancy going?
Anonymous said…
You know how jealous I am. But happy for you... congrats!
MJ Tam said…
selfmademom - thanks! Hope to see you in SF?!