In Good Company

I love that new show Lipstick Jungle for many reasons. First, because I loved Sex And The City – hoping that it will have the same vibe. Secondly, because I’ve swooned over Andrew McCarthy since I first saw him in Pretty in Pink and Mannequin and now he's back (80s movies – brings back so much good memories). And third, because I was really happy to see that there is finally a main lead character of an Asian person (ok partly - Lindsay Price is half Korean) on prime time television which doesn’t happen very often.

And although most parts in the storyline can really only happen on TV, one of the major reason I love Lipstick Jungle and Sex And The City is because of the camaraderie they have as a core group of girlfriends. I love how each one of the characters is so different with each other and yet they all love and respect each other and I think this resonates a lot of what I have in my life.

I can’t imagine not having my best gal pals. I have a core group of friends whom I really consider as family. This is a group of girlfriends whom I would trust with anything. Yes anything! I feel truly lucky because of this. We are always there in the background ready to jump in (when needed) to keep each other standing strong most especially on those toughest and most trying days. I’m quoting myself on what I wrote about my friends a long time ago.

“Time and time again we have gone through major life changes. Some were bitter trials, and some were triumphant moments...and every single one of them I have shared with these ladies (some in their physical presence and some thru loving phone calls).

I can't possibly imagine having to grow old without them because I want them there to admire how my brown-colored orthopedic shoes compliment my nude-colored knee-highs. I have plans in comparing denture paste while guffawing over the comedy of it. And I have hopes in a couple of walking cane duels just to have the obligatory kiss and make-up over and over again. It will be too unfair if we all don't get to be there together for the next 20-30-40-50 years. I mean how could a senior discount at our nearby breakfast diner be so fun without having to be there for each other?”

So although we can’t be just like the women in Lipstick Jungle that can take the time to run for a quickie with a lover, and a coffee with the girls all in one lunch hour (as if we have the time) and still manage to run a major magazine empire, I know all my gal pals are as eager in planning and looking forward to our next weekend get-a-way that we all needed so badly. But until then, let me live it vicariously through Wendy, Nico, and Victory. And for those who haven't had a chance to see it yet, check out the 2 minute pilot replay of the show. You may just get hooked like me.


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Nilsa S. said…
I've managed to see parts of one or two episodes and liked what I've seen. Though, I couldn't tell you what night of the week it's on. Go figure!
Anonymous said…
Makes me want cable!!
I long to find friends like that! Darn moving. I keep leaving the most amazing friends behind me.
Anonymous said…
Makes me want cable!!
I long to find friends like that! Darn moving. I keep leaving the most amazing friends behind me.
MJ Tam said…
nilsa and chelle ----- Thursday nights at 9 central. Actually the season ended but you can watch the full season here --->