It's great to be back HOME!

We're back, but not all completely there just yet. All of us ended up with a bad cold during the holiday vacation and now the baby is a little feverish too. Uurgh. But we are glad to be home, and although we had such a blast at Legoland (near San Diego) - we can all honestly say that we wished that we had stayed home to celebrate Christmas and New Year where the love and spirit was in the air. I'm also happy to say, that this same love and spirit has greeted and welcomed us home along with a beautiful 60 degree January Chicago day? How weird was that?!
Now as we are unpacking and packing Christmas stuff away, I just now realized how much my family truly enjoy receiving Holiday photos from all of our families and friends. I've kept every single one each year that we received them from when we first got married (yeah --- way back - hehe), and it is really a delight to see how the children has grown. So thanks to those that has sent us your Holiday Photos again this year. And know that we will be looking forward to it every year!

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said…
Glad you had a good holiday! There is no place like home though!
Unknown said…
hee hee! i see myself on the table!!! i'm glad you got our card and happy to say we received yours!

SO jealous that you were in california!!! :)