How To Burn Your Cooking 101

Guaranteed every single freakin' time!
  1. Browse the net while your pot needs to simmer.
  2. Then maybe answer a couple of emails while you are at it.
  3. And since your girlfriend popped up in your IM, go ahead and say hello.
  4. Ooh, and check to see if there are some bids on your ebay goods.
  5. And if you think you still have time, go ahead and throw a sheep at someone in Facebook.
As soon as you realize it--- run to stove and try to salvage what you can. I have perfected this routine 2x this week. Obviously the internet is very very bad for me.


chelle said…
Laptop in the kitchen ... problem almost solved! hehe!
Geraldine said…
no.. that's the problem.... her laptop in the kitchen... guaranteed easy distraction..
MJ Tam said…
Yes...yes...that is the problem Chelle. Jane happened to eat my burned cooking...hehe! My laptop is attached to my hip along with the baby (hehe). Yes, I have an addiction. There I said it. But I'm not sure I want to be cured. hehe