Toss some this way will you?

I am supposedly "influential" enough of a blogger and so I received an email to test drive an all new 08 Dodge Caravan for an entire week. But really, I'd rather have received the free Ferrari laptop from Microsoft!

According to Digital Inspiration:

"Microsoft, in partnership with AMD, has sent the Ferrari 1000 or Ferrari 500 Laptops (Acer and Scuderia Ferrari) pre-loaded with Windows Vista Ultimate to "key community folks".

These dual-core 64-bit AMD TurionT laptops were either directly shipped by Microsoft or through Edelman, their PR firm."

Then added:
"MICROSOFT IS GETTING a lot of crap lately for sending out notebooks preloaded with Vista to bloggers. While most people out there are calling this everything from spin to bribery, it simply is not, it is how the industry works.

Microsoft may have done some stupid things here, but stupid is not an evil plot."

And I say:

Dear Microsoft - the next time you decide to send out more of those pre-Christmas laptops, send them over this way! You'll be surprised with what this group of Mommy bloggers can do. As I've said before - Don't underestimate the power of a Mommy Blogger!

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BOSSY said…
For anyone interested: Bossy would like to test drive a Godiva Sampler.
MJ Tam said…
LOL...Good one bossy!

But really --- I'd rather have a MAC like yours bossy!