Thankful for Bears!

My Junior Kindergartner's fantabulous teacher made a beautiful board showcasing all of her student's "What We Are Thankful For". Complete with a cutout of each child's picture with their actual work of art.

My son is thankful for BEARS... yes, bears. Not thankful for Mom, or Family, or not even his home. He doesn't own a teddy bear, but I guess I know what he wants for Christmas.


Jynell said…
Last year my daughter said "turkey" LOL!
Anonymous said…
hahaha let's just take that we are like hugable bear to them. So cute!

BTW MJ dear, I just tagged you I hope it's okies:)

Best regards,
BOSSY said…
This reminds Bossy of her (now teenage) son and the fact that his first word wasn't Mommy... It wasn't Daddeee... It was Bobby (who was a punk living next door at the time.) Where's justice?