My Millisecond Of Fame

I may be a D-Lister in bloggywood, but I am still considered a blogelebrity you know! Just wanna share with you guys on some little mentions of my blog and I within the last few months:

in's Strollerderby column

in Chicago Sun Times

ooooh and I just found out --- I am the Featured Blog of the week at ---- wooooohoooo!

Rest assured that I won't be showing my Britney anytime soon - but don't hate me if I reveal my boobies via youtube since the Breast Festivities are here.

Many awesome mommies are certainly taking the stand in breastfeeding, just like my new found breast friend "fidget" who is nursing live today. So the next time someone says that my baby "suck" then I will have to say so proudly - "Damn right she does! "

Want a live appearance from this blogelebrity? Just say FOOD - and I'm there! No papparazzis please.


Anonymous said…
aww thanks for the linky love :)
Anonymous said…
you are so not a D lister! You are always the top of our list! Hope classes are going well!
Plus, you're our featured mom blogger this week on Keep up the great work.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! well- deserved indeed!

Just say food and I'm there,too hahaha you're very hilarious mami MJ
musta na? How's the li'l one?

best regards,