Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Middle Child

This morning I was able to take my 4 year old to breakfast. Just him "my over-theatrical, uber-independent, middle child" and I. 30 minutes before waking him up for school, I snuggled and lightly fell asleep with him in his bed. He woke up in a great mood and went directly to shower like I told him so. My older son (my firstborn) is still sound asleep, drugged up with cold medicines. My 8 month old girl also sleeping soundly after finally recovering from a bad cold and catching up from many days and nights of not enough sleep.

I was able to shampoo and soap my 4 year old in the shower. Even towel-dried, dressed, and blow-dried his hair. He's not too sure what to do with all this undivided attention since I don't think he ever really remember having me all to himself this long. But one thing for sure is that he looks happy and unbelievably cooperative this morning. So cooperative that we had lots of time to go out for breakfast! He ate well (so unlike his many mornings) and happily sipped his hot cocoa. I love watching his happy face uninterruptedly.

My husband and I have always said how much more difficult he is compared to our firstborn. How he is so much more independent and how he is so much more theatrical. And I've always known why. Why? Because when he was born, he was dragged around everywhere to all of his older brother's activities. Cheering for Goh-Goh (older brother in Cantonese) on hockey games, soccer games, piano recitals, etc. When he was finally old enough to play in a soccer team, I remember losing it and crying while watching him play and running to the other side of the field to watch his older brother play at the same time in a different game. I felt terrible that I couldn't stay put and watch just his game like I did for my older son when he first played. And when our 3rd baby was born, he learned even more so in fending for himself. But because of all this, he is the most forgiving and caring child. Unconditionally forgiving with his goh-goh (older brother), and his parents, and the most adorably caring with his moy-moy (younger sister). In our eyes, and our hearts - he is our "perfect" middle child.

Today he was treated like he was an only child, and I hope to get another chance to do it all over again.

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Valerie said...

I bet it was fun for momma too. Thanks for stopping by!

Geraldine said...

Matt Matt difficult?? Nah... He is just very confident 4 year old. I just am always tickled to see him upto something. He must really have enjoyed himself with just you today.

Angel said...

I think the "middle" kid always needs a little something extra..

I have always told my middle son..

"Out of all the little boys in the world, how did I end up with the best one?"

He's 15 now, and still remembers me saying that to him when he was's our little secret.

Anonymous said...

Good for him!:)

I think middle child can be a problem child if not treated fairly.I agree to beth that they need extra attention.There were many surveys quite revealing actually that they are less loved and so,they have all the insecurities in life & complex towards other siblings.

Anonymous said...

I'm the 4th child of six so I am a middle child. What made it ok for me was I shared the "middle-ness" with a brother (actually, there is a firstborn son, firstborn daughter, middle brother, Me-middle sister, younger sister-she was youngest for 11 years, then the current youngest sister). Now that we are all grown, what I have noticed is this brother and I have the calmest demeanor and we are the easiest to get along with.
And my best memory with my Dad is the time I went on an overnight sailing trip with him and his friends. My other siblings did not come on this trip and I felt like an only child.

Geraldine said...

sugarmama, take marysmom's suggestion. You better start on no.4 and that way Katie can be Matt's middle buddies.

Superha said...

Hi there! I thought a busy mom of three needed one more thing to add to her list of things to do. You've been tagged! :) Nina

BOSSY said...

Bossy's middle child is her blog. Who is up for a Weblog award - funniest Middle Child blog. Come throw her a vote or twenty.

Kelly said...

It is so important to give each child that one on one time! I bet he loved you for it!

Anonymous said...

I always talk about spending alone time with both of my kids. Thank you for reminding me to do so.