Living In The Fast Lane

I was on the expressway going home one day and just as I was parking my car, my mind woke up wondering how I got home so fast. Has this ever happened to you before? The last thing I remembered was getting in my car and hopping on the expressway. Obviously my mind has somehow wandered somewhere else for at least 15 minutes - which is about how much time I spend on that freeway going home. I'm mostly tired and sleep-deprived which is obviously the culprit of what could've been a scary situation.

Next week Katie will turn 6 months. The last I remembered was pushing her out. Ok, that's a little exaggerated. But really - how can this happen so fast? I'm excited and yet sad that she is growing up so quickly. She may be my last baby after all. I look at my 2 boys, and I really miss how they were as infants. I look at my little girl, and I know she won't be a baby for long.

I need to be better at taking pictures and videos. I need to be better at spending more family time with them. And lastly, I need to be better at taking care of myself so I can be a better mom.

By the way, have you visited MomViews yet?


Irene said…
There are so many people on the Internet who I share a brain with. You are one of them. I think about where the time goes when I'm driving and I just told David that we need to take more videos and pictures.
Anonymous said…
I've been really bad lately about taking video and pictures. In fact all the photos in my office are over a year old of my katy.

I have made a commitment to myself that I will get more sleep, eat healthier and work out more. not because I really want to, but because my family needs me to.
Anonymous said…
awww look at those beautiful kids!!!!
I am planning a promo post this weekend for you fab new site! It is so well put together!
Angel said…
all of your kids are bee-u-tee-full!!! And little Katie is a chunk monster!!!!