In The Mean Time...

To those I have met at the convention --- It was truly a pleasure meeting all of you!

Blogher 07 in Chicago has just finished and I am uber tired from all the excitement. So much to write about but gotta tend to the 3 kiddos I’ve missed this last 3 days and so my recaps won’t be posted until hopefully tomorrow.

In the meantime, visit my new to-be launched Mommy review site called Mom Views - Parent approved and Kid tested products you can trust. Great contest prize coming soon!

Also – after meeting probably atleast a hundred new blogger friends, only about 3-4 knows that the title to my blog was a song from Nina Simone which I wrote about as my blog premise. So I thought I’d let you guys listen and hopefully sing the little song with me – karaoke style below (although parts of the lyrics are wrong).

Til next week…Rest and rejuvenate my blogger friends!


Anonymous said…
I didn't know that! I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you yesterday. I snuck out of that last session and left early... anyway, hope to see you again soon, and enjoy the coach bag!
That is awesome about your new review site... linking up to it now!

Thanks for sharing the song! It was beautiful - your perfect theme song!

Thanks for sharing Chicago with me - I had a blast hanging out with you. I am exhausted and can't wait to get home to my babies too!

Good luck with the new site - I know it will be a big hit!
Anonymous said…
I'm going to put Blogher on my adgenda for next year. Sounds like I missed out!
Anonymous said…
Ok the only reason I would have had to hit up Chicago would be to meet you! I am sooooo jealous now!

Good luck on the new site! You have my click always.
Anonymous said…
Hey, mama! It was so good to meet you in person. I'm surprised there's no mention of all the spice in your bowl!