Blogher07 Conference with Elizabeth Edwards

Ok, I'm not a political writer/blogger or even close to knowing whom I'd like to see in office. But anyway -- I am live blogging here at Blogher07 conference and Elizabeth Edwards is here being interviewed and talking to us bloggers and right before it started, someone from the Hillary Clinton campaign office was going around handing out material and Women for Hillary button.

Is it just me who thinks this is done in bad taste? I mean really - I just think that this is blatantly disrespectful.


Unknown said…
omg. that was so lame... but i'm no hillary fan either.

missed you today! :) hopefully, we can get together soon!
Anonymous said…
It was nice to meet you at lunch today. I'm so glad you won the tote!

You raise an interesting question overall about the access that any candidate would have to the attendees, e.g., did the person passing the Hilary stuff out pay to get into the conference, and what is the conference policy overall on featuring politicians (and spouses) and on politicking at the event?
Uh yeah- weird!! Hope you had a GREAT time and I am thinking someone has to plan another Chicago Moms get together!