The Best In Blogher07

First of all - Thanks to Yahoo for sponsoring me (and as well as to Jill Asher and co. for arranging it)to Blogher 07. I had a riot!

Some people live blogged, and some made interesting recaps-- but I'm going for the Joan Rivers style --- Welcome to my best of blogher07 list. The best of the best - well that is in my humble opinion. From best swags, business cards, best bloggers and best moments.
Can you imagine there are lots more than the ones listed below?

Who doesn't love this lap top bag? I'm sooo going to use it! Thanks Aol!

* A girl's dress from Wati. So adorable!

Books- Can't wait to read these 2 books! The cover alone on the I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids is so scrumptiously looking, and with that title I'm sure to be in stitches. I will be doing a review on this one in MomViews. The other book was The Essential Guide To Your Baby's First Year courtesy of I will definitely use this as a great reference for my infant.

PBS gave a DVD introduction of their new upcoming program called SuperWhy! So Cute and my boys loved it. And they also gave some stickers which can be placed into good use when the boys get bored AGAIN!

*My Baby Can Talk DVDs --- I am so excited to see if my 5 month will respond to these DVDS

Scrapblog gave out onesies in different colors. The back says " I'm famous in Scrapblog. It came in different colors too. Too cute!

PayPerPost gave this Giant Pen out and the following day I had to get another one because my boys just love it! I personally don't care about it -- but if it make my kids happy, then it will be up on top of my list! Do you see how that pen is even bigger than my daughter's whole arm? btw - isn't she cute? hehe

*Innobaby gave this Packin Smart Formula or Snack Dispenser. Can't wait to use it!

Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored handed me these funny swags/business card. I was going to list it as one of my top business cards but she called them swag so swag it is. They are condoms withe packaging imprinted with her blog url -smart eh? I had to grab it away from my son before he was about to lick it! hehe.

I received soooo many, but here are my top 3

Genie Alisa of gets my vote (as well as my kid's) on the best card design I received. The cutout bottle was of course what made it so different frommany others. Btw, the genie herself took a picture of Darlene Chao (Project Runway winner) and I. Thanks Alisa! Hello to my hometown in Virginia! See, I didn't forget.

This headturner business card is from Sassafrass. She is a co-writer/blogger of mine at ChicagoMomsBlog. How can I not pick this one - that picture is too cute!

This one of course is also a winner. Oh wait, this is mine! Ok so I'm biased. And this is my blog, and my list - I can vote in whatever I want ! But did you notice how my card matches my blog? Is that adorable or what? hehe...

Ok, my biggest moment is winning this beautiful leather Coach bag from Hakia ( a new search engine ) Thank you Hakia! They even wrote about my win at their site -- read here!

- Then I also got interviewed by NPR about being in the blogher conference, and as well as a Mommy blogger. I have yet to search as to where I may be able to get a copy of it. I will keep you guys posted.

- Oh, and the cheesecakes that were served on Day 2 was just divine!


- Did you hear all the moo-ing in the bathrooms? If you heard it --- just so you know that that was me. I was milking -- er I mean expressing out my milk because I was engorged and in pain and just about to die since my 5 month old is not there to be nursed. Ouuch! Liquid gold down the porcelain made this Mommy so guilty.

A shout out to all the Chicago Moms and Silicon Valley Moms that I had the pleasure to party with. I say we are the Creme de la creme! Hey, again-- this is my blog and I am biased.

Special thanks to my buddy Amy of Hailey Bug Picnic and Mums The Wurd for letting my soles feel extra comfortable in her back-up slip-ons.

A fond thanks to my friend Sheila aka Xiaolin Mama. Thank you for the company, dinner, and the Turkish Yakut wine toast to friendship. I shall visit you next out in the west.

And I don't want to forget and give a shout out to my newly met friends from Kimchi Mamas. Stefania and Carol -- it was awesome meeting you both!

And now before I sign are the links to the fabulous bloggers I had the pleasure of meeting at blogher o7. Not in particular order.

I'm exhausted after all this... don't forget to vist the upcoming launch of Mom Views!


Anonymous said…
Ha! I was just coming over to tell you how great it was to meet you and I find a link to me.


Oh and the big pen was a big hit with my daughter too!
Kim Moldofsky said…
It was great meeting you, too! I'm already planning our next Chicago moms meet-up. You must be there! No really..we're counting on you ;)
Catherine said…
Hi MJ!

It was great to hang out with you, and get to know you a bit. I just want to warn you...the blog you linked as mine belongs to someone MUCH sexier than I am. I'm actually at - (i before e, as opposed to the sexy lady). Just in case you followed the link and got confused. :)
Anonymous said…
What an awesome post!! It was great to see you again.
Anonymous said…
Awww, shucks. Thanks for the biz card mention! I give you an award for sassy business cards, too. Rrrrowl!
Anonymous said…
OK, you may be the first of many - but it kills me to see a Chicago area blogger that I didn't connect with while I was there too! I'm out in the west suburbs - what a great writeup you just did - love it! :)
Anonymous said…
Your even hotter than before! hehe! Glad you had such a wonderful time!
Anonymous said…
awww wish I was there,too!

your li'l one is so cuty! sarap kagatin!:)
bokumbop said…
No. Fair. That Coach bag - gorgeous!! So great to meet you too, we'll definitely be in touch. I see boba in our future ...
Angel said…
your daughter is a little chunk monster! So cute!

I would love to go the Blogher guys always look like you're having sooo much fun!
Anonymous said…
The AOL bag also came in a cool blue. Love the swag!
Irene said…
I'm still sad that I didn't go. But, it's good to hear that everyone had a great time!
Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous that I didn't come up with this idea!

And I'm doubly jealous of that coach bag.
Genie said…
I'm so jealous of your Coach bag! Thanks for the compliments on my bottle business cards. It makes up for the hand cramps I got stamping them all. :) Glad you had a good Blogher and hope to see you next year!