Summer Fun?

Ahhhh Summer! Ooooooh Summer! Acccccck Summer! Dammmmn Summer!

Ok – I am really pissed now. Right before summer vacation had started I was being asked left and right what I will do with my kids for summer. Uuuhmmm… well, like what else do I do with them? Ok at first I was like -- Wow, am I the only one who hasn’t really planned on summer camps? I honestly didn’t even think about it. I’ve always kept them busy with museum trips, amusement parks, and our daily bike rides to the nearest playground. But I guess this is the first real summer that my firstborn is old enough to go to camp. Ok, let me rephrase that. This is the first real summer that I’m confident enough to leave him in summer camps. Wow – I can’t believe I actually said that. As you can see, I have trust issues when it comes to my kids. Not trusting my kids is not the problem; it is the people or adults around them besides my husband and I are the one I don’t easily trust. But that’s a whole other topic.

Anyway, so about a month ago I enrolled my 7year old son in an Aquatic Camp from 9am-1pm and then a Sports Camp from 4-6pm all starting Monday June 25 till mid-August. I couldn’t stop talking about how thrilling and exciting this will be for him. He exclaimed that this would be his best summer yet! We couldn’t wait! We bought 2 new swimming trunks, 2 bottles of sun block lotions, a new beach towel, a new pair cool goggles, etc…etc… But yesterday the Chicago Park District called and we were told that Aquatic Camp has been cancelled and I will be reimbursed for the enrollment fee. Wha ???? Accck ! My son’s heart dropped, and I am pissed! Damn you Chicago Park District for canceling waaay too late for me to enroll him somewhere else. I’ve been checking everywhere, but unfortunately we are way too late for everything else. Now my heart is broken for my son. :-(

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Anonymous said…
That is totally terrible for them to cancel so late!
bokumbop said…
MJ oh nooooo!!

My brother works for an afterschool/summer camp type program, I don't think it has swimming but do you want some info? Let me know, you've got my e-mail.
Anonymous said…
that totally stinks!!!!
Will the pool still be open to the public?

I know it's not the same, but maybe you could make a few swimming trips. At least he would get to enjoy his new swim gear.
Anonymous said…
Which park's swim program were you signed up for? Because ours wasn't even cancelled; it just failed to materialize.... I would be interested in hearing from you which park it is. . . and is happening in the pool instead during that time. If anything. I hate the way the huge pool near me is underused (except on hot weekend days) because they don't see that it could be used for multiple activities, ages, and groups at the same time. Like, why can't they have moms-and-tots in the shallow part while senior aerobics is going on in the other part. GRRR. GRRR