Do Not Underestimate The Power Of A Mommy Blogger!

Listen up folks - for years a lot of women with children bloggers always never want to be labeled as a "Mommy Blogger". But you should probably change your mind because the world is noticing us more and more. First with Google wanting to learn more about us Mommies and Bloggers, and now an article on the Chicago Tribune about the newly launched --- a community of Mommy Bloggers I belong to.

Which by the way is the perfect time for me to announce the launching of We are a group of Filipino Moms around the world who collaboratively write flavorful tales and thoughts on current events, parenting, culture, tradition and what it means to be a Filipino (or married to one).

So, for those Filipino Moms or even Non-Filipino Moms reading here --- you might just enjoy the site. Come by and visit us soon.


Anonymous said…
AMEN Sister!!!
Congrats on your new site!!!

Anonymous said…
Oooo the new collective blog sounds so wonderful!!!

Good luck with all of them!
bokumbop said…
Excellent!!! Much needed voices all around, I am going to check out your new blog now! So glad to be blogging alongside all you fine ladies.
Congrats on the launch of your group blog! Just found out about it via Kimchi Mamas. (Already sent a link to my wife, who's Pinay.) (BTW, do you know about Mamazilla? She'd be a great addition to your crew!) BTW, send any of the dads in your lives over to our site if they wanna blog--Rice Daddies is always open to new voices.
Anonymous said…
I stopped by the Filipina Mom's site and really liked it. It was thrilling to see Chicago Mom's Blog in the Tribune!
Angel said…
congrats! You are wanted all over the place!

How's that Princess doing? I bet she's getting big!
Anonymous said…
Hello MJ,
Congratulations on your newly formed group of blogging pinay mommies!I hope to have enough time to spend online I'd really love to join.With or without invi lol.Will let you know ofcourse if I have something interesting to contribute:)

Been busy browsing your previous posts & saw your li'l one's pic!Gosh, she's so big now & very pretty!My husband chuckled at me everytime he's seeing me,buying dozens of hairclips & cuty shoes for our daughter,he'd say 'For godsake che!! she's only 1'hehehehe & he'd add ' poor poor girl' lol

Kisses to your li'l one!
BlondeBlogger said…
Hey, MJ! I've missed you!

Mommy bloggers rule! Congrats!
Hallo Filipino moms,
Interesting site. Would you have a place also for universal, imaginary mother?

Wish you more power to create a just, society which we as Filipinas could be proud of to give to our children.

Warm regards from here from the land of Auf Wiedersehen!

Pinay von Alemania