Too Fast

Time flew by way too fast! I can't believe that K is now 3 months old! I'm sad and yet excited to see her grow up. It wasn't too long ago when we took her home from the hospital...and now she's full of smiles and laughter.
Oh, and in hopes to win a BusyBodyBook giveaway at the ChicagoMomsBlog I'd have to tell you all how disorganized I can be. Let's just say - I've cancelled a couple of hair appointments lately because it coincided with my 7 year old's social life. If I can just take the time to jot these things all in one place like the busybodybook then I'd probably wouldn't have to be walking around halfway brown-haired and embarrassing my family to no end.


Such a beautiful little girl. :-)

I want to put her in my pocket.
Anonymous said…
I can barely handle all the cuteness! Thanks for sharing, she is beautiful.
MJ Tam said…
aaaw...thanks Steph, Jenn, and type little (a).
Anonymous said…
she is so GORGEOUS! oh, i love her outfit too. super cute. =)
Anonymous said…
Ooooo she has gotten so big!! They grow too fast! I am trying to get in every moment!

I am making my way to the post office this week for a little surprise!
Angel said…
what a beautiful baby!! Oh, you are gonna have your hands full with that one! But with 2 older brothers, I think the boys better watch out. and I love how you have her're having so much fun with that, aren't you?

tell your 7 yr. old he has to take you to get your hair done.
Anonymous said…
Look at how cute she is! Love those eyes!

An Island Life
eatmisery said…
Welcome to Chicago! I, too, write for Chicago Moms Blog and I'm looking forward to more of your posts.

I have a son (age 2) and a daughter (age 1). The picture of your little girl is just precious!