Planning On Having More Kids?

Then you'd probably have to dump your husband's cellphone or better yet, get him one of this new sperm guard underwear as reports:

"Swiss clothing manufacturer Isabodywear is launching a special line of men's underwear that claims to protect "men's sperm from harmful cell phone radiation". The briefs are made with threads of silver which the company claims blocks cell phone rays and reception. The inventor, Andreas Sallmann, explains that when you put a cell phone inside your briefs, then dial your number from another phone, you probably won't even get a signal. 4000 black (only) briefs have been made so far and 500 will be been given away for test purposes, by simply sending the company an email."

And as if this world is not paranoid enough or shall I say "more informed" here is a list of other protective clothing concepts:

-- A New York based store sells dress shirts and caps designed to protect people from electromagnetic fields -- or radiation -- given off by cell phones and electronic devices.

-- Singapore-based garment manufacturer Crocodile International launched smart pants or "Radiguard' specialty trousers" for cell-phone buffs who exposed exposed to the ultra magnetic emission from the cell-phones.

-- In September 2002, Levi Strauss announced the launch of a new Dockers' model with anti-radiation-lined pockets, prompted by customers' concerns about the possible health risks of mobile phone use.

Honestly, all this scares the shit out of me --- I think I will live inside a bubble with all my loved ones. The kind of bubble that will protect us from everything and anything else that might come up harmful to people. When someone invents one, let me know.

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Anonymous said…
Wow those are all really creepy!