Chicago Moms Blog Launched!

I was asked to write collaboratively with a great group of Chicago Women in the newly launched blog called Chicago Moms Blog - it's cooler by the lake! I'm so very excited to be part of this and hoping to see it grow more and more. Here are the list of all the other writers I will be joining with and a link to their personal blogs.

Alma from Marketing Mommy
Danielle from Foodmomiac
Jessica from Sassafrass
Jordan from The Wonderwheel
Kim from Hormone-Colored Days
Meagan from Equilibrium
Sara from Self-Made Mom
Stephanie from Adventures In Babywearing

So come and visit us at when you get a chance. And also visit my newest posting in there Ancient Chinese Secret? Hardly! .


Anonymous said…
Looks like an interesting site to visit regularly.

Have fun writing.

Anonymous said…
Oooo you all make Chicago look so cool :)
Anonymous said…
I think that is great when I was extended an invitation to blog on their soon to be new blog for IBAKESALE i was so excited so I can imagine how you feel
Catherine said…
Hey there! I was just asked to join as well, and found your blog as a result. Nice to meet you...I'm looking forward to blogging with you. :)